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Tips on Including Frames Made out of Real Silver in a Gallery Wall

One of the biggest recent trends in home decor over the last few years has been the creation of a gallery wall in a prominent room in your home. The living room or dining room is a very popular spot for such a feature, and it can add a lot of character and personality to a space in the home that isn’t necessarily filled with vibrant life all the time. In the opinions of plenty of interior designers, the difference between a boring gallery wall and an interesting gallery wall can be the frames that you choose to use. With this in mind, here are some of the best tips on including frames made out of real silver in a gallery wall.

Use A Mixture Of Sizes And Styles

If you buy too many of the same frame, even if it is a really attractive frame, then you run the risk of your gallery wall becoming too uniform. You want it to look creative and exciting rather than regimented and office like, and this can be easily achieved by using a mixture of different sizes and designs to create an eccentric combination. The thing that will route the frames together is the fact that they are silver, so you don’t need to worry about it being too disjointed.

Make A Plan For Your Wall First

The worst thing you can do with a gallery wall is just start putting frames on the wall without any plan about the final look of the project. Take the measurements of your space and have some fun fitting all of your silver frames into a shape that looks professional and gives each photograph or print their time to shine. You don’t want the gallery wall to be too top or bottom heavy, or lean one way or the other!

 frames made out of real silver

Consider A Color Scheme In Your Prints

Something that we have noticed over the years is that a gallery wall always looks better when you stick to a certain color scheme and theme. If you want your wall to display an array of family photos in the silver frames, then you can easily achieve a fluid look by turning all of the chosen images to black and white. Black and white photographs are beautiful when placed in silver frames in particular, and the uniformity of color is something that feels really mature and sophisticated. And it also has the benefit of not being too colorful and clashing with any other design elements that might be in your chosen room.

So, if you are interested in selecting a range of frames made out of real silver, then a great place to start your search is the Sterling Silver Frame website. Browse through our collection of high quality frames to find something that you think will perfectly suit your gallery wall ambitions. We can promise that you will discover a number of frames that will add so much to your design ideas and overall home decor.
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