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Things You Can Display in a Sterling Silver Frame

sterling silver frame

Lots of modern homeowners tend to forget it, but one of the best and most underrated tips for making your home’s decor warm and personal is to make the effort to put things in frames rather than leave them on smartphone screens or cupboard drawers! Because we carry most of our lives around in our pockets these days, we have forgotten how great it can be to inject personality into the rooms of a living space through physical framing of various objects. If you have a few silver frames to hand, then you have all you need! Here are some suggestions for things that you can display at home in a sterling silver frame.

Your Favorite Family Photos

Rather than having to bring your phone out every time you want to show off your favorite family photos, make the effort to get them framed to place around the house instead. We tend to forget about the value of physical photos in the modern age of digital photography, but it is really worth it to decorate your home with personal framed photo touches.

Baby Handprints Or Footprints

If you are about to welcome a new baby into the family, then a great thing you can do with a silver frame is make a print of your baby’s handprints or footprints. They are so tiny that they will be able to fit in a good sized frame effortlessly, and it makes a permanent memory that you can treasure forever.

sterling silver frame

School and Professional Certificates To Be Proud Of

Any kind of school or professional qualification certificate deserves to be in pride of place in your family home, and there is nothing better than silver to make it shine! To get a certificate of achievement means that you have spent a lot of time working hard, and you deserve to preserve that evidence in a beautiful frame.

Special Concert Tickets

If you have been lucky enough to see your favorite musical artist or band in concert, then why not preserve the memory forever in the form of your ticket in a silver frame? You will have all of the photos and videos you took during the show, but the ticket is probably the only physical thing you have to remember the day by!

Keepsakes Like A Wedding Invite

There are very few days more important than your wedding day, and a really cute way to make a physical memory of the day is to frame one of your invites to put alongside all of your other photos and keepsakes that you will no doubt have collected. When you think about it, the invites are usually something that you don’t keep for yourself, so make sure you put one aside!

If you like one or all of these ideas and need to invest in a new sterling silver frame or two, then browse the Sterling Silver Frame website for a wide range of great options. We look forward to being able to provide you with the quality frames that will make a positive impact on your home decor.
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