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The Pride of USA Made Sterling Silver Frames

Buying products that are made in the United States is becoming more of a priority for many citizens today. For many years we have been inundated with products from around the globe, flooding the market with merchandise that helps to support businesses with international interests and manufacturing bases outside the United States. For many, this trend seems to have cost the United States not just jobs and revenue, but the sense of pride that comes along with buying an American-made item. Things have started to turn recently, and you will find there is great pride when you purchase the USA made sterling silver frames from a company like ours at Sterling Silver Frame.

An Important Craft Still Exists

While many companies have done away with the traditional methods of crafting silver and instead make use of computers and technology to mass-produce items, here at Sterling Silver Frame we take great pride in the silver offerings we supply to our customers. Our products are crafted by 925 Inc., a third-generation silversmith that designs and creates silver products. The company makes use of a manufacturing team with deep experience in crafting silver items by hand and uses their skills in combination with newer technology to produce our fine line of products.

Proudly Made Here

Sterling Silver Frame is proud to say that we offer 100% USA made sterling silver frames for sale on our site. The manufacturing is done in California, and our items are shipped out to our customers from the facility. The work done here helps to support the local and national economy and brings an excellent source of USA-made products to people around the world today. Purchasing silver items from us is just one way that you can help to support USA-based businesses and let others know how important the efforts are to you.

Shop Online with Us

If you would like to look at the USA made sterling silver frames and other fine silver products that we offer, please come to see our website at Sterling Silver Frame. You can find us located at and you can place your order directly on our site so you can have it shipped directly to you. If you have any questions, you can use the contact for4m found on our website, or you can call us at 818-390-7078 to speak with our staff, and we will be happy to assist you.

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