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The Finest Silver Frames from California are Here

When you are looking for just the right picture frames for your favorite photos, documents or artwork, you want a frame that is the ideal combination of beauty, class and fine design so that it looks fantastic in your office or home. There are many options available to you when it comes to frames today, so you have a lot to pick from, but nothing is quite like a sterling silver picture frame. A Sterling silver frame has everything you could want and will bring years of beauty. If you want the finest silver frames from California today, you want to turn to us at Sterling Silver Frame.

We Have the History

At Sterling Silver Frame, we have the history in the business that you want behind the items you buy. We are the authorized online distributor of silver frames made by 925 Inc., a company run by a third-generation silversmith with many years of experience. The frames are exceptional in quality and make use of real sterling silver in each design that you see. The frames are each made by experienced silversmiths that are considered masters of their craft, each with many years of experience doing this work.



All Made in California

What helps to make our items stand out from those sold by other companies is that when you buy from us, you get real silver frames from California, not someplace overseas. All of our frames and designs originate right here in California, and we stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of each piece that we make. Our craftsmen use many of the traditional methods of a silversmith and combine those techniques with the use of newer technology and tools to provide customers with the best handiwork possible and the unique designs you can find on our site.

Get the Finest Frames

If you want to purchase real silver frames from California, then you want to get your items from us at Sterling Silver Frame. We offer many frames in different sizes, styles, and designs and can personalize many of the items we offer to provide you with a unique gift. To see the frames we have available today, come to our website  and browse the selection. You are sure to find the beautiful frame at would be perfect for your picture and add to the beauty of your office or home.

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