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The Beauty of Our Silver Frames from California

Take a quick look around your home at some of the wall hangings and accessories that you have in places like your bedroom, living room, den, hallways or office. Do your eyes stop on any one item to take a good look at it? You most likely have pictures hanging in all of these places or have frames placed on tables and shelves, but none of them seem to catch your enough so that you notice them. If you are having a hard time noticing them, then other people in your home are as well, and none of your special pictures are ever going to get the notice they truly deserve. When you switch your pictures to some of our silver frames from California, your pictures get housed in beautiful frames that get the proper attention.

Why Silver Makes a Difference

There are all kinds of picture frames you can choose from today, so why should you choose one ours from Sterling Silver Frame?Frames that made from real silver can make a significant difference in the look of the pictures in the frame. Real silver has certain flair to it that people immediately associate with class and elegance. Eyes naturally turn towards silver, whether it is a small frame sitting on your desk, a beautiful 8 x 10 frame on the shelf or a larger collage frame hanging on the wall with pictures of your children and grandchildren. Our frames help your pictures to stand out the way that they should so everyone can appreciate them more.

Made in America Frames


What helps our frames and other silver items stand out from the competition is that all of our silver frames from California are made in the United States. We distribute frames from 925 Inc., a manufacturer of fine silver items based right in California. They do all of their manufacturing on-site and use expert workers that have many years of experience in the silver trade. 925 Inc. makes use of traditional manufacturing methods, combined with the latest technological advances, to help them create items of the highest quality.

Shop with Us

If you would like to take a look at the silver frames from California that we have to offer and the many other silver items we have for sale today, please take the time to visit our website. You can see the hundreds of items we have available and choose the frames that suit your style the best, so you have beautiful pictures to display anywhere in your home.

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