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The Basics of Displaying Frames Made Out of Real Silver

frames out of real silver

There is no doubt that one particular home design element that can elevate your interior decor to the next level is the addition of photographs and art prints in real frames. With so many of us having all of our photographs in our pocket smartphones rather than in physical form, it can make a home environment look and feel really sterile and impersonal. A simple way to make a space more of a style statement about ‘you’ is to fill it with pictures from your life of your family and friends, and they absolutely look their best when displayed in beautiful silver frames! With this in mind, here are some tips on the basics of displaying frames made out of real silver.

Don’t Forget Shelving

A silver frame pride of place on a desk is a great, classic look, but don’t ignore any shelf space that you might have as well. Adding in a couple of frames around things like stacked books and other furniture accessories can make for a really pleasant and cozy contrast. You don’t want your shelves to look like museum rows, so make sure to add some personal touches alongside any items that you want to display in the living room or a home office.

Pay Attention To Composition

When choosing where to put a silver frame, make sure that you take into consideration the size and shape of the items that are going to be placed around it. You don’t want one item to be more overpowering than any other, so be careful about putting a small frame next to a large indoor plant or a large decorative vase etc. Try to maintain a similar sizing in the different aesthetic sections of your home. Doing this ensures that no one item pulls all of the focus, because ideally you want the family photos or art prints within the frame to be the thing that really becomes the star of the show.

frames out of real silver

Create A Gallery Wall

If you want to mount your frames on the wall rather than placing them on things like tables and shelves, then find some room in your home where a quality gallery wall can be created. The key to creating an effective gallery wall is selecting a group of silver frames that are different sizes, so you can set about putting them together in a pleasing jigsaw fashion on the wall space that you have allocated for the project. The more asymmetrical it is, the better!

If you would like to start a collection of frames made out of real silver, then don’t hesitate to browse the Sterling Silver Frame website where you will find a wide range of options to suit all tastes and preferences. We can guarantee that there will be a type or style of frame that perfectly fits the project or pictures that you have in mind. We look forward to being able to add to the beauty of your home’s interior decor with simple but elegant touches!
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