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Memorializing The Loss of Your Dog: Tips by Sterling Silver Frame

Dogs have for long been termed as man’s best friend and true to the term, a person can feel devastated after the death of their dog. To help cope with the loss and aid the fast emotional healing process, a dog memorial can be one of the best options. 

However, it is not easy to come up with ideas on the best memorial tribute you should get for your dog. Use the following tips to get the best idea for your dog memorial.

Order a frame from Sterling Silver Frame

Frames have been used for many centuries and you can find one in almost every home. But because you want to get the best for your dog, you cannot order any frame you come by from any frame maker.

Ensure you order your frame from someone who’s been in the business for long and someone who can get you the most unique frame for your dog’s memorial. You can get a mirror frame. Silver frame with hardwood back, pure silver, and so on.

Make a toothed pendant

If you are looking for something you can always carry with you, a pendant can be a good choice. The easiest way is to make a dog tooth pendant and wear it on your neck or like a bangle. You don’t have to get a real dog tooth but you can visit your local jeweler and ask them to mold a dog tooth for you which will be like a replica of your dog’s real tooth.

Make a dog memorial plaque

Another good way of memorializing your dog is to make a plaque. You don’t have to be a plaque expert but whether you have an idea or not, you can consult with Sterling Silver Frame for plaque ideas and you will not be disappointed.

Do a dog tattoo

Tattoo specialists will tattoo anything on your skin as long as you know what you want. You can have your dog’s image tattooed on your upper arm, your back, thigh, or any other part of your body. If you don’t want the public to see your tattoo, choose a part that can be hidden by your clothes but if you don’t mind the public noticing, choose any part that you feel fits.

Write down the memories

Craft down the memories on pen and paper and create a poem, a song, or a message of appreciation about your dog. You may type and print your memories, then buy a frame and hang your writing on the wall where you can read it anytime.

Order your dog’s memorial frame today

The life you share with your dog is unique and after its death, sometimes those memories fail to fade away soon. To help you overcome the loss and grieve fast, a memorial frame with your dog’s photo can help. We manufacture several kinds of silver frames and can customize your style or size. To order your silver frame today, call us at (818) 390-7078.
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