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Interesting Facts About Frames Made Out of Real Silver

Frames made out of real silver

When thinking about items that you add to your home decor to instantly improve it and make it more timeless and mature, something that just be right at the top of your list is a set of beautiful frames made out of real silver. Silver frames are a decoration feature that will never, ever go out of style, and this can give you great peace of mind when it comes to deciding to drop some big bucks on accessories. No matter what you spend, you can be sure that it will be a purchase that continues to pay off for years and years. With all of this in mind, here are some interesting facts about frames that are made out of real silver.

Some Early Frames Are Made From Cigarette Cases

In certain countries and communities, some of the earliest examples of silver frames that weren’t made strictly for the rich elite were actually formed from old cigarette cases and compacts. This tended to be silver that was more readily available and in a shape that was easily adaptable to hold small photographs and pictures, and thus DIY style silver photo frames were born! The history of making frames like this still continues to this day on sites like Etsy where you can find creations that harken back to the vintage past.

The Edwardian Age Brought More Detail

In the United Kingdom, the Edwardian period beginning at the start of the 20th century saw a huge increase in the details that could be achieved in a sterling silver frame. Lots of intricate patterns and details began to be made at a much faster rate, and these frames were often accompanied by a velvet backing and a hand cut and finished wood back.

Tiffany Was An Early Leader

In America, Tiffany, now so well known for its exquisite jewelry in the blue boxes, was actually a company that was a leader in the production of silver frames. Although they are more associated with fine jewelry these days, their silver frames were one of their biggest sellers in their infancy as a brand.

Frames Cannot Be Trademarked

One of the reasons that you will notice there are plenty of frames all over the world from different stores that look the same, is the simple fact that they cannot be trademarked, on matter how unique or interesting their style is. There is no law to stop anyone imitating any kind of sterling silver frame, and because of this there are many frames that look older than they are because they are simply styled after a more vintage creation!

If you are interested in putting together a collection of frames made out of real silver, then don’t hesitate to visit the Sterling Silver Frame website for a wide range of options that we are sure you will love. No matter what style, shape or size you are looking for, Sterling Silver Frame will definitely have something that will suit your home. We look forward to being able to add something great to your aesthetic!

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