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How Do I Discover Frames Made Out Of Real Silver

Silver has been a prized metal for thousands of years, and while gold is not often used in homes as it is just too costly, silver has been a domestic tool for many hundreds of years. Authentic silver is important, because as Martha Stewart says, some people "have an allergy or sensitivity to other metals" and have to ensure their silver items are real. Sterling silver artifacts can transform a living room or bedroom, adding a touch of sophistication and understated elegance to any location. When homeowners are considering decorating with this metal, they should consider starting their home design with simple pieces, such as photo or portrait frames made out of real silver. These can be placed in any location around a room, catching the light and drawing the attention of guests. To find out more about how to recognize real silver frames, Sterling Silver Frame have a guide to spotting the real thing.

The History Of The Silver Frame

In order to understand what makes real silver frames so important it is important to know that  a frame has a long history of being part of the artwork inside the case. For centuries, these frames were made from wood or carved by experts, but in the 18th and 19th century metal frames started to be made, and silver was a popular choice. In some cases, the homeowner would go out of their way to choose a frame that matched the style of the house, and art-nouveau frames are still very popular today, particularly in the parts of LA where 1900s-1920s houses are common. The style of the interior reflects the taste of the homeowner, and so fashionable silver frames were very popular as soon as homeowners started using this material.

Identifying Frames Made Out Of Real Silver

There are several ways in which homeowners can identify real silver pieces. Firstly and most obviously is the hallmark. This is a stamp which is put in all kinds of silver items, from jewelry to frames. The sellers will put on a mark, and if it is to go overseas it will be marked 925, 900 or lower. When searching for sterling silver, the mark 925 is important.  If there is a concern that the frame is not authentic, holding a magnet to them will tell all. If the magnet is held in place by the frame, this means that it is made mostly from iron or nickel and is not silver.  One of the best ways to authenticate real silver is to polish it. Silver will tarnish without being polished, so rubbing a cleaning cloth over it should make the cloth black. If not, it is a fake substance.

Putting Trust In An Established Seller

Another way to authenticate a frame as silver is to buy it only from specialist sellers like Sterling Silver Frames. We make all our frames from real silver, and so you should feel certain that you will get a genuine piece. To find out more about our real silver frames, contact us either by sending an online message, or by calling us at 818-390-7078 now.

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