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Have You Chosen the Right Sterling Silver Frame for Your Photo?

sterling silver frameWhen people undertake the task of hanging up photos and prints in their home, something that they don’t pay nearly enough attention to is the frames they are using. You might think that the content of the photograph is the thing that is going to help the piece stand out and make a statement on your wall, but the truth is that much of the impact of a portrait or photograph really does come from the contrast that the frame can make against the wall and the rest of the room! With this in mind, here are some things to consider examining whether or not you have chosen the right sterling silver frame for your photo. 

Think About The Size Of The Frame vs. The Photo

Do you want your photo to be right at the edges of the frame, taking up all of the space, or would you prefer a larger frame so that you can use a mount on top of the photo? If you want more ‘drama’ in your composition, then a mount is an easy way to make the art larger in scale for your wall. Of course, this means that you will need to buy a larger silver frame in order to accommodate both a photograph and a mount.

Consider The Color Of Your Photograph

Thankfully, a sterling silver frame is something that is going to compliment almost every type of photograph, whether black and white, sepia or full color. There is some choice to be had in the shade and finish of a silver frame, however, with options like a shiny or matte finish, pewter silver, light silver etc. Take some time to look at the coloring of your photo and make a decision about which shade of the silver frame would work best with what you already have.

sterling silver frame

Are There Various Shape Options?

Who says that a framed photograph has to be the traditional square or rectangle shape? If your photograph is an unusual shape, or can be cropped to accommodate a more interesting shape, then why not experiment with different shaped frames for extra impact? Circle, triangle, hexagon and more, there are plenty of awesome silver frames that aren’t the common shapes. If the rest of your home decor is a little on the unusual or unconventional side, then a frame that is a different shape can be a perfect addition to that decor. If the shape is possible to frame, then we can promise that there is something out there to buy!

If you want to experiment with a few different types of sterling silver frame for your next hanging project, then don’t hesitate to browse the Sterling Silver Frame website. There, you will find a range of beautiful and interesting frames to choose from, and we can guarantee that you will definitely find something that will be ideal for your next photograph. We look forward to being able to help you with your home decor plans.
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