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Get the Best Quality from USA Made Frames

There is no shortage of picture frames to choose from when you are looking for frames to decorate your home. You can go into just about any store today and find different frames for sale, ranging from those you may find the dollar store nearby to the expensive frames found in specialty gift shops and exclusive designer shops. The frames that you choose all depends on the style you are looking for, the material you want the frame made of and how much you plan to spend. No matter what your overall considerations are going to be when you are shopping, there is one thing you want to be sure of- to get the best quality you want to select USA made frames.

Support American Businesses

One of the best reasons to buy any merchandise made in the USA is that it gives you a great chance to help support American businesses. So many items today are created overseas because companies find they can get cheap labor to mass produce items. Not only does this take jobs away from Americans that can do the work but it also very often lead to a glut of inferior merchandise sold in the marketplace. Items made by craftsmen that have spent years learning a trade, like our picture frames, are made with greater care and quality materials, making the items more valuable, durable and worth the investment. Your purchase helps to keep businesses like ours moving forward.

The Quality Products You Want

When you buy one of the USA made frames from us at Sterling Silver Frame, you will be supporting an American business. All of our frames are made in the United States by 925 Inc., a company based in California that uses master silversmiths that have been in the business for ten, twenty, thirty years and longer. They know how to craft from silver and make fine pieces that are not only functional but are beautiful pieces of art. You are sure to get a piece that you are proud to own or give as a gift when you buy from us.

Find the Frames You Love

For high-quality USA made frames, make sure to visit our website. You can take a look at the fine selection we have available of picture frames, silver bowls, goblets, letter openers and other items to find just the right gift for yourself or someone else in your life. If you have any questions regarding our products or would like to have something custom-made, please feel free to call us directly at 818-390-7078, so we may assist you with a fine, American-made product.

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