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Frames Made Out Of Real Silver to Make Your Living Room Look Luxurious

As a cool metal, too much silver in a living room can make it seem cold but if you use it in moderation it has a shine that lifts your décor to a whole new level. You don’t have to stick to one type of finish either – hammered finishes can create a richness of texture. Unique frames made out of real silver, whether mirror frames or photograph frames, will add that luxurious yet refined, elegant feel to your living room.


You should never underestimate the power of a real silver mirror to elevate the décor of a living room. Adding a large silver framed mirror on a wall will reflect the light and create an additional dimension. You can choose the style of frame that best suits your décor.

A beveled mirror frame handcrafted from the finest silver can be a unique point of focus in the room. Hand-crafted embellishments such as flowers and birds will add intricacy to the look. A simple beaded beveled mirror frame with beading and rolled edges offers a simple, timeless appeal to the room.

Photograph frames

Frames made out of real silver are a show stopper when you use them to display your photographs, especially if they feature delicate scrollwork. They offer a classic way to showcase special pictures and add elegance to the room.

A plain heart silver frame is the perfect way to display a wedding photograph. Sterling silver frames with beaded borders and hammered detail are the epitome of handcrafted elegance and the perfect way to display your favorite photographs.

Other silver accessories

A sterling silver fruit bowl or custom silver goblet is the type of silver accessory that can bring an antique flair to a table or sideboard. Silver accessories can make a statement all on their own. A silver bowl filled with white flowers on a wooden table is a fresh and uplifting color combination that will draw attention. The silver and white combo inject a summery, shimmery feel into the room.  

A silver mirror as part of a gallery wall

Mixing real silver into a gallery wall offers some shine and texture. A silver-framed round mirror surrounded by photos makes a great composition. The silver doesn’t conflict with any of the photographs and brings a touch of magic and light to the whole composition. You will be delighted at what a mirror can do to bring life to your gallery wall. By its very nature silver exudes opulence but in a lighter way than gold or bronze.

Buy frames made out of real silver

Sterling Silver Frame in Southern California is an authorized online distributor for 925 Inc. a third-generation silversmith. A combination of traditional manufacturing methods and modern technology is used to create unique real silver frames in the USA. Go to the website to view the line of over 100 different sterling silver frames in a variety of styles and sizes or call 818) 390-7078 to find out more.

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