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Do Frames Made Out of Real Silver Need a Mount?

If you are in the process of redecorating or reorganizing your home decor, then it might be fair to assume that you have more than a few photographs and pictures that you want to put out to add some more personal touches in each room. If you want to really push the boat out then something we like to recommend is buying a bunch of sterling silver frames to really make those chosen photographs look special. 

This does lead to one question that needs to be answered though, and this is whether frames made out of real silver need a mount. Luckily for you, we are here to answer that exact question so you don’t need to be in the dark for much longer!

frames made out of real silver

It Is A Matter Of Personal Choice

The truth is that whether you use a mount in your photo frame or not is completely a matter of personal choice. Depending on the composition of the photo itself, you might think that a mount can give it more separation from the frame to stand out, but on certain occasions, you don’t need that separation and therefore a mount is unnecessary. It’s always a good idea to test out the look of both mounted and unmounted, and you will immediately notice which one is more aesthetically pleasing.

The Size Of Your Photograph Might Make The Decision For You

If you have a beautiful silver frame that you really want to use, but your photograph isn’t big enough to cover the surface area, then that is the ideal opportunity to use a mount. You can put the photo in a central position in the frame and then place the mount over it so that the entire composition works out just fine. The bigger the frame, the more appropriate it might be to have a mount added because the aesthetic of a smaller photo inside a big frame with lots of white space around it is very minimalist and on trend at the moment.

Consider What The Content Of Your Photo Is

If you are framing something like a family portrait or solo portrait of someone special, then it isn’t strictly necessary to include a mount because the nature of the photograph is very straight forward. However, if the photo is a natural landscape, the space that mount creates between picture and frame can actually add to the artistic merit of the overall look. A beautiful nature shot deserves to have its own space to breathe and make the best impact, and a simple mount that separates it somewhat from the silver is a simple and effective way to achieve this.

If you want to invest in some great quality frames made out of real silver, then the best place to go is the Sterling Silver Frame company. Browse the website to see exactly what we have on offer at the moment. We can guarantee that you will find something you love which will fit perfectly into the decor of your home.
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